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Fruity Summer Sorbets

Strawberry Banana
1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
1 1/2 bananas (fresh)
1/4 cup lemon (or lime) juice
1/3 cup maple (or agave) syrup

Pineapple Banana
2 fresh bananas
1 1/2 cups frozen pineapple
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/3 cup maple (or agave) syrup

Zippy Wild Blueberry
1 1/2 cups frozen wild blueberries
1/2 cup lemon (or lime) juice
1/2 cup maple (or agave) syrup
1 fresh banana
1/2 tsp ginger powder or grated fresh ginger

Spicy Mango
1 1/2 cups frozen mango
1 fresh banana
1/3 cup lemon (or lime) juice
1/2 cup maple (or agave) syrup
a few dashes of cayenne powder

Add all ingredients of desired sorbet to a high speed blender. Blend until smooth, but keep it as thick and frosty as possible. Pour into freezer-friendly container. (Metal works best, but anything will do.) Chill until firm, scoop, and serve.

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For my FAQ: How do I start lifting?

First of all, men and women can do the same workouts perfectly fine (if you are worried about getting bulky, read the next question). If you want results from lifting, you should be lifting heavy (=challenging).

Using the machines at the gym can be good enough, especially for beginners, but in the long run you should strive towards learning free-weight, mainly compound movements (deadlifts, squats etc). Remember to learn the correct form before you start adding too much weight. If you need inspiration or instructions for exercises, see above.

If you feel intimidated by the weights room at the gym, read my post How to be more confident in the gym.

For a beginner, it’s best to do a full body workout every time (one exercise for each body part), or a split between lower and upper body.

Rep ranges:

  • 1-5 reps for strength (1-10sets)
  • 8-12 reps for hypertrophy (building muscle) (3-4 sets)
  • 15+ reps for endurance and low-mid intensity cardio (8-12 reps builds endurance just as well)

Use weights you find challenging, while still being able to perform the exercise with proper form.

Remember rest days are as important as workout days, especially when you are starting out, because you will get very sore at first. Tag: ‘Rest’.

Being sore after a workout doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good workout - No pain no gain is a lieTag: ‘DOMS

If you want to gain muscle, you also need to be eating right; adequate protein intake + good fats, carbs for energy, and a calorie surplus.

Bonus tip: Don’t go for workouts in the typical magazines for women only (like this). They are not effective (in 9 out of 10 cases) - you have to challenge yourself.

Helpful postHow to make a strength training plan (and keep at it)How to be more confident in the gym

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A dinner of Grape and Grilled Pumpkin Salad with a Mint and Olive Oil Vinaigrette dressing

This dish is an unorthodox, yet absolutely perfect combination which really must be tried. Who knew that when you combine my two favourite things - fruit and grilled root vegetables (the pumpkin had grill lines. how sexy!) - it could become something even “favourite-er”? The mint was the perfect addition, and combined with the slightly spicy yet tangy/sweet vinaigrette it makes for the perfect summer salad. 

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Get Stronger Yoga - Source

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